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Capri Blue / Traffic Yellow, 2017 - ongoing
archival digital prints, 50 x 70 cm

A sense of belonging to a particular state, an attachment to its national identity, national idea and national symbols are never stronger than when countries are in conflict with each other.

After the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 followed by the occupation of the eastern part of Ukraine by Russia patriotic fervour started to grow. People in Kyiv and other cities painted certain objects of the cityscape in colours of the Ukrainian flag, thereby emphasising national identity. Capri Blue / Traffic Yellow are the actual colours of the flag of Ukraine according to the RAL colour matching system.

For me, documenting this phenomenon is a way to draw attention to the political and economic crisis in Ukraine, which now is not on the spotlight in the western media anymore. From a visual point of view, I highlighted the elements of post-Soviet architecture that still dominates the booming city of Kyiv and to which I have a romantic, nostalgic feeling.